1:1 Private Breathwork Sessions

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Are you an empath?

Do you take on other people's energy?

Do you get overwhelmed easily?


Then, breathwork might just be the practice for you.  

Anxiety, overthinking, anger, fear are all symptoms of unprocessed trauma in the body. 

Our bodies quite literally hold on to negative emotion and trauma if we haven't release them properly. It becomes locked in the body and directs our thoughts, patterns, habits and fate!

Trauma doesn't have to just be understood as these big traumatic events. They can also be very subtle, but for a child experiencing it, it can be huge. 

When we are stressed or our nervous system is on high alert, it directly affects the quality of our breath.


We can use our breath to calm our nervous system as well as experience new channels of awareness and spiritual insight.

Master Your Breath Series

1-1 Breathwork Programme (3 weeks)


- Weekly 1-1 breathwork sessions 

- Voice messaging + email support on weekdays 

Part 1. Breathe to Stillness 


You will be guided by series of breath techniques to down-regulate your nervous system and to return to deep restoration and peace. 


Through gentle music and guidance you will begin to create space and presence deep within. 


Whether you’re an over thinker or have a tendency to worry, this breath practice will allow you to quiet the mind and find a deep state of relaxation from within.

Part 2. Breathe to Energise and Awaken

A high intensity training for your soul and spirit. A sequence of breathwork techniques combined with brainwave music and guided meditation that awakens you to fulfil your human potential. This breathwork will awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging  your blood and nervous system giving you more energy and vitality.

Part 3. Breathe to Release Trapped Emotion and Trauma

This session results in profound emotional releases, new channels of awareness and removal of toxicity from the body. 


Breathwork has been used in spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Now we are realising the potential of breath for improving physical health, intuitive capabilities, stress, anxiety and release of subconscious trauma.


The body is designed to self heal and this breath practice allows us to access heightened states of awareness and release trapped emotion from the body.

Who's it for?

Perfect for everyone regardless of age, race, colour or religion. If you can breathe, you can awaken! This breathwork is perfect for anyone who wants to remove fears, negative patterns and habits and be more present and in the flow.


What to expect in a session:

  • You will connect to your heart through a guided meditation and set an intention for the session.

  • You will experience a 45 min - 1 hour breathwork session. 

  • In sessions you are lying down and guided via music.


In this breathwork journey you will:

  • Feel lighter and more energised

  • Feel peaceful and blissful

  • Awaken dormant parts of your brain to increase energy and vitality

  • Alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Create new channels of awareness and spiritual insight

  • Improve your intuitive capabilities and creative mind

  • Release trapped emotion from your body

  • Rebalance and reconnect to your truest self


"My breathwork experience was powerful. I released a lot of emotions in my body. I felt super light after it, I felt my soul lifting during the session. I feel like a new person. The facilitators were amazing, incredible human beings who held the space for you to be truly yourself."


Gamze Zen, 27

“I participated in Octavia's breathwork workshop and it was amazing. She created such a safe and open space so I felt totally supported throughout the whole thing in what could have been a really overwhelming experience. One of the most poignant and beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.”


Darcy Willison, 24


“My breathwork experience was surreal, emotional and fascinating. It was so heart warming, it took me deeper inside myself then any other meditations and yogas”,


Emily Craxton, 28

“Breathwork with Octavia was an amazing experience. I was able to let go and release all the tension in my body and mind. I was able to connect with my emotions and let go of any feelings of anxiety and sadness. I would strongly recommend for anyone who feels inhibited and who wants to let go and be present. Octavia was amazing, she made me feel safe at all times and supported me through the session”.

Maya Lewis, 26

“I love breathwork! My second experience and I feared it not being as good, but actually I settled in and felt totally safe. That feeling of safety to feel, to be totally me, is totally transformative and freeing. Do it! Try it! We all need to connect inwards more, and this is a fast, natural and safe way to do that. Octavia was perfect! She creates a totally safe space, supportive environment where you feel able to express totally. She is encouraging of any and all feelings. She’s a total star!”

Clee Stacy, 29

"The breathwork journey was deep, releasing and opening. I felt totally safe to feel fully. The facilitators were perfect."

Charlotte Smith, 28


“This was my first time trying anything like this and it was out of this world. I can’t speak highly enough”


Barry, 39

"My breathwork experience was brilliant and Octavia is an amazing facilitator. The experience went way  beyond my expectations. It was my first ever experience of any arm of meditation or breathwork and it was unbelievably healing and very insightful. I would say to anyone thinking of trying breathwork to do it. Breathwork is a brilliant way to relieve or recognise self doubt, stress and anxiety. I went hoping it would be good for stress & anxiety but it was way beyond that. Octavia was exceptional, she is so easy to talk to and amazing to listen to.  I felt really comfortable before I even arrived due to friendly conversations before booking a session".

“This breathwork session was the most powerful singular experience of my life.”


Ash, 30

“This breathwork journey was really amazing. I couldn’t recommend it more”


Ilona, 35

“Amazing, a unique, intense and fantastic experience, quite unlike anything else. Left feeling light and even happier. Try it! I would definitely recommend. Octavia is comforting and helpful 10/10.”


Louie, 27

“My experience was profound. It is a must do for everyone on a journey of health, growth and fearlessness. Octavia is 100% heart.”


Daniel, 60

“It was an intense experience but felt amazing. You have to do it, you feel so much better after. Octavia was Divine, I never in my life have felt like this”,


Bar, 25


“Amazing! A wonderful safe space to be vulnerable and open up to any emotions that arise. Come with an open mind and allow your body to do the work. Octavia is fantastic. What a lovely presence. Gentle yet strong enough to hold space for everyone”


Fiona, 39

“Wonderful, I worked through a range of emotions. Something I plan to continue in the future. Octavia is kind, gentle and open. She creates a perfect atmosphere to let go and relax”


Julia 27


“My experience was quite emotional, I felt the loss of my mother 4 years ago. Do it. Octavia is a gorgeous soul, amazing facilitator”


Marianne 53

The breathwork journey was completely transformative. Incredibly emotional. I feel as thought I have released a lot of pain today."

Nicole, 47

"It was really helpful and a good experience. I felt a lot better after doing the session. Octavia was very supportive and I had a good time speaking to her"

Zach, 16

"It was intense, emotional and blissful. I would highly recommend it for people to do! I felt like I was in safe hands with Octavia and felt supported throughout the journey"

Steve Finberg, 41