Coaching Session

I will guide and support you to gain clarity on whatever you need in your life.

I will guide you to connect within and to develop a greater sense of self.

I will support you to take control of your life taking necessary action. 


I will bring my open heart, presence and learnt practices to shift you forward in the direction you need.

Choose a coaching session:

  • If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, self doubt or feel paralysed by your thoughts & emotions.

  • If you are ready to shift your self limiting beliefs and negative self concepts.  

  • If you wish to be heard, supported and guided with anything in your life.

  • If you are going through a life transition, and need support through a job change, relationship change, break up, loss or you are wanting to change your life path.

  • If you want to find your purpose, your passions and share your gifts with the world.

  • If you want to start loving and listening to yourself to cultivate self compassion & gratitude.

What to expect in a session:

  • You will be guided and supported to gain more clarity on whatever you need.

  • You will explore your inner world & state of being using meditation & visualisation.

  • You will learn to identify the voice of your fear (ego) and your higher self.

  • You will learn to reprogram negative self talk and cultivate practices of self love & gratitude.

  • Through the use of conversation, intention, meditation, visualisation & affirmation, you will release stored emotion & negative thought forms and shift towards an empowered state of being.

Sessions will be done virtually via Zoom or in-person and will last 1-1.5 hours. I don't finish a session until it feels complete. 


More testimonials...

"I was looking to rebuild confidence and motivation after an emotional breakdown. Octavia is so caring and transformative. She has experienced and worked through so much herself. Her ability to understand, perceive and encourage gently but firmly has given me exactly the safety and individual support which I've needed for this life transition. I have got a lot more out of these sessions than I was looking for! True emotional and spiritual care, the feeling of being safe, normal, seen, and understood. Plus the fruit of Octavia's very special gift for intuition, seeing beneath appearances, and sensing the right thing for the right moment. The cumulative result has been a huge boost on my journey of opening my heart to love in general. Octavia is gifted! Operating 100% in her element. She is generous, in every sense. And beautifully balanced - strong, fun and sincere."

Phil, 30

"I had lost all belief in myself and wanted to reach out to someone who might help me find that again. In my sessions with Octavia I developed a connection to myself and found the strength in my core that has helped me in every aspect of my life. Octavia is so open and calm and incredibly safe but equally able to push you and challenge you."


Sophie, 22

Working with Octavia has been a complete game-changer and a joy. Every one of our sessions over the last three months have been unique: NLP/Psych-K subconscious reprogramming, meditation / spiritual practice, emotional release, wisdom and guidance, project management, intellectual conversation… maybe the only common theme has been Octavia’s intuition to know exactly what is needed in the given moment, and her versatility to provide that. I’m grateful. This period has been a big life transition for me, with some hard struggles: insomnia, regret, anxiety, depression. What has made working with Octavia so special is that she went through a similar transition a few years back, and put a huge amount of work into navigating it, giving her the wisdom to know what could help me when I’ve been at a loss. Maybe above all, our sessions have been a “safe haven” for me through a very disorienting time: it’s been amazing to feel really understood, normal, and safe. The impact has been huge. I’m now packing up, moving country, and going nomadic thanks to breakthroughs during our sessions and Octavia’s help for me to hear my true inner voice. The less visible but equally powerful changes in my perceptions, beliefs, emotional stability, and behaviour thanks to our sessions are too many to call out individually, but I feel them all. Octavia has a wonderful balance of caring and encouraging to grow, and I am excited for her impact on other people's lives as well as my own. Thank you!


Amy, 52

I wanted to address my anxiety surrounding health and to feel more centred and happy. Through coaching and breathwork sessions Octavia enabled me to feel an inner peace which has led to greater clarity of thoughts and contentment. Octavia is pleasant, warm, friendly, empathetic and professional. Octavia provides an exceptional and detailed service tailored to your requirements. Octavia would continue to surprise me with her feedback, suggestions and knowledge post session and would always be available to assist and support at any time. Octavia would recommend further reading material, links to external websites and even create a personal affirmation for daily use. Octavia’s knowledge and approach is exceptional.


James, 40


"Tave has helped me beyond words but I'll try do our sessions and her justice. I have been stripped of all my confidence, lost and full of anxiety since a big change in my life occurred about 11 months ago. What Tave provides is the most honest, warm, safe and relaxing space I have ever entered, that's not just down to the physical environment but how her as a person made me feel. I didn't have the confidence to confront a lot of what was going through my head and heart until I started sessions with her. The session we have feel almost retreat like, from meditation, talking, crying and laughing I always come away feeling stronger within myself and know that I have learnt sustainable tools to cope and rebuild myself. I was very nervous about starting sessions with anyone because I had never been in an environment where I felt I could truly let go and be vulnerable with expressing my emotions, well only a few minutes into a bit of mediation in our first session and the tears rolled down and just kept coming. That was one of the biggest releases I have ever experienced which wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for the kind of coach/guide/person Tave is. These sessions have provided me with a foundation from which I'm re-building and actually now thriving and I know that's down to our time together. I can't recommend Tave and the work she does enough. She has helped me with clarity, confidence, forgiveness, strength, championed my sensitive emotional ways and provided with me tools to implement in all areas of my life"

Laura, 29




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