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Kings Langley

Heart Fest Day Retreat (1)

Join us for an intimate gathering of like minded people, coming together to connect, celebrate, heal and transform. Through an alchemy of breathwork, meditation, yoga, cacao & kirtan.

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Heart Fest Day Retreat  (1)

Time & Location

15 Sept 2019, 10:00 – 14:00

Kings Langley, Kings Langley, UK

About The Event

About Heart Fest Retreat

Join us for an intimate gathering of like minded people, coming together to connect, celebrate, heal and transform. Through an alchemy of breathwork, meditation, yoga, cacao & kirtan.

Inviting both men & women, this is for all those who wish to grow & become happier, lighter versions of themselves.

This is a space for you to connect to your heart, release the weight of negative self-concepts, express who you truly are and uncover your unique gifts to share with the world.

This day retreat will be situated in the rolling countryside of Hertfordshire on beautiful grounds with fields, horses and a swimming pool.

Come and join us for a fun & healing weekend of relaxation & transformation.

This retreat will:

- Release your negative self beliefs and anxiety.

- Connect you to your authentic self.

- Reconnect you back to your joy, love and your truest expression of you.

- Guide you towards your heart’s intuition.

- Align your passions and purpose.

- Feel freedom as you connect to who you are amongst like minded people.


This is for all people, genders & experiences. Come to rebalance, ground and centre yourself back to your heart. Move beyond your fears, doubts and negative beliefs to step into the your fullest potential.

Breathwork Journey

Experience a breathwork journey to release your body of past pain, trapped emotion, trauma and negative energy. Begin to move towards a lighter version of yourself by clearing & releasing that which is keeping you stuck.

Cacao Ceremony

We will seal our intentions into our ceremony by drinking ceremonial grade Cacao, from the lands of Bali. Cacao is chocolate in its purest form, a naturally heart opening medicine full of nutritional goodness. For thousands of years Cacao has been thought of as one of the best superfoods; the health benefits being so strong that cacao was considered a ‘food of the gods’ by the Aztecs and Mayans. Cacao acts uniquely and individually on a personal level through feelings, the heart and intuition. It allows those who are willing to deeply access their emotional body or pain body, to connect to your heart & fill it with compassion. Cacao is a heart-centered anchor and will gently infuse our experience with greater love & light.

Music & Medicine songs

It is in our true nature to sing & celebrate together. You do not need any experience, as when we come together & gather in community to sing, chant & play music, our voices support each other and we lift each other higher by giving ourselves permission to express and release all we are feeling and all we have been holding. We will be singing tribal medicine songs & devotional kirtan to open our hearts and re-centre ourselves back into love.

Please bring musical instruments if you have them to join in, however it is totally optional.

The Location

Situated in English Countryside in Chipperfield in Hertfordshire just 30 mins from London. This 20 acre area of land has meadows, fields and access to horses on the land. There is a beautiful country house on site with an outdoor chalet and pool for swimming.

The Food

All meals will be vegan. There will be an abundance of colour and flavour and specific dietary requirements can be catered for if informed. Dishes will be deliciously healthy and energising. Please request if you have any dietary requirements.

How to get there?

The closest train station is Kings Langley where you can catch a 25 minute train from Euston, London and take a 10 minute cab ride from Kings Langley station to the location in Chipperfield (Kings Cars 01923247000). Alternatively you can take the Metropolitan line to Rickmansworth where you can arrange a cab to the location (Boughtons Eagles 01923896060).



(No camping facilities provided, apart from use of outdoor bathroom and shower complex.)

Hotels + AirBnBs

  • The Two Brewers Hotel - Chipperfield
  • North Hill Farm - Hertfordshire
  • Boxmoor Lodge Hotel
  • Kings Arms - Berkhamsted
  • The Penny Farthing - Berkhamsted

(Many more available on google)

Alternatively you may also choose to stay at home and travel in in the morning.

About the Facilitator s

Octavia Christina

Octavia is a breathwork & meditation teacher and personal coach. She empowers people to find their purpose, shine their light and share their unique gifts with the world.

She offers 1:1 breathwork and guidance sessions. She leads heart led workshops that create safe spaces for people to heal and awaken to their power.

Feel free to get in touch for any questions. Follow her on FB (Octavia Christina) or Instagram @octaviachristina



Instagram: octavia.christina .wellness

Facebook: OctaviaChristinaWellness



"My experience at Heart Fest was beyond anything I could imagine! It was such a special day with incredible people. There was so much laughter, healing and connection. Don't think twice just book, you will get more than you can imagine. And come away healed in ways you didn't even know you needed. Octavia is incredible. She is so intuitive and in the flow. She is so beautiful to engage with. Everything came from the heart."

Anya, 25​

"Heart Fest was incredible. Amazing. Exactly what I wanted and needed in my life. Octavia is incredibly supportive and nurturing,  the way the facilitators held space for us and gave us permission to truly explore ourselves and our experiences was amazing. I felt completely comfortable in her presence. This retreat was exactly what I have been needing in my life. I can't thank her enough. Do it!"

Stefana, 29

"Heart Fest was a beautifully heart opening experience. It meant that I had the opportunity to connect with a new practice, breath work. I had never tried this before and probably wouldn’t have had it not been for heart fest. The experience allowed me to discover and connect to a new side of my being that is under the surface. As I connected with her through the breathwork session, I felt empowered, infinite, strong and loving towards myself. The space was held for us in such a pure and natural way by Octavia and Hana. They were supportive in just the right moments during the breath work sessions, this allowed me to go deeper into the practice. I felt welcome, part of a community. I felt taken care of but also given my own space to be me and be alone if I needed to. It was a very nurturing space which allowed me to be vulnerable and open. Through the work we did, I felt the support of the group to become a warrior and connect with my heart."

Lucia, 29

"Heart Fest was amazing. Throughout the whole experience I felt total commitment, connection and pure energy. Octavia is a 10/10 facilitator, professional, fun, sweet". I would recommend it to to everyone. I would say it is a safe space to fully connect with no judgement and to feel as one.

Christina, 49

"My experience at Heart Fest was deep and transformational. Octavia was excellent as a facilitator. With a calm, confident and grounded energy, she creates a sense of trust even within a large group of people. She engaged in all the activities with joy and enthusiasm while providing constant support and guidance. Also, I spoke with her about my fear/vulnerability of doing breathwork prior to the exercise.

I felt like she really prepared me for what was coming and provided so much support and reassurance both before and throughout the workshop. In a sense, it permitted me to trust and deeply let go. I had a very intense experience where I faced all sorts of repressed emotions and it was worth it. It was so healing to let my heart breathe and express itself. I am glad I engaged in this

workshop with someone who made me feel so free of judgement.

Meggy, 25





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