Breathwork Class - Buy a Breathwork Gift for Someone!
Buy a breathwork gift for someone you feel could benefit from a breathwork journey like you did!

Time & Location

19:00 – 21:00

Unmind Space , Hackney Wick

About The Event

Breathwork + music results in profound emotional releases, new channels of awareness and removal of toxicity from the body. Breathwork cleanses the mind and body and leads to increased spiritual insight.


Breathwork has been used in spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Now we are realising the potential of breath for improving physical health, intuitive capabilities, stress, anxiety and release of subconscious trauma.

The body is designed to self heal and the breath allows us to access heightened states of awareness and release trapped emotion from the body.

What to expect in a session:


  • You will connect to your heart through a guided meditation.

  • You will set heart-centered intentions to release what is no longer serving you

  • You will experience a 1 hour long breathwork and sound experience with gentle hands on healing to support you.

  • The breathwork journey will be guided by progressive music.


In a session you will:


  • Release trapped emotion that needs to be released from your body (e.g. sadness, anger, grief, trauma, sexual energy)

  • Reconnect back to your bliss

  • Awaken dormant parts of your brain to increase energy and vitality

  • Alleviate symptoms fo stress, anxiety and depression

  • Create new channels of awareness and spiritual insight

  • Improve your intuitive capabilities and creative mind

  • Rebalance and reconnect to your truest self

  • Open your heart to the feelings of love and gratitude