One-to-One Meditation Sessions

Octavia offers a variety of meditation practices tailored for the individual. Octavia has practiced meditation for 7 years and has deepened her knowledge about how to  find inner peace.  


Transcendental Meditation 

(Uses repetition of a mantra to quieten the mind)

Mindful Breathing Meditation

(Using your breath as the focal point)

Guided Meditation

These sessions are useful for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression and for people who are feeling unsafe within their mind and body.

These sessions are also for people who are:


Feeling a Calling Within 

Theses sessions will offer you a chance to:

Connect to your Spirit

Find Peace and Stillness

Listen to your Intuition

Connect to the Divine within

Sessions can be done virtually or at an agreed location.


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 "Octavia’s meditation sessions were bliss. I felt so connected to myself, to my heart, to my intuition after every session thanks to Octavia's warm, beautiful energy. In addition, we built up deep connection within the group in this space, and people who were strangers a month ago became people I wanted to share my ambitions, feelings, even anxiety with because I knew they would handle them with care. Until this day, the bound is existent and I am incredibly grateful for this spiritual enrichment."

Kira, 25

I attended a programme of Heart Centred Meditation sessions with Octavia. The sessions were amazing and really helped me to open my awareness and connection with myself and others. Octavia harnesses a space that is non-judgemental, welcoming and allows all participants to connect on a human level. I cannot recommend Octavia enough, she really is a master at what she does. I finished the programme with a real sense of what can be achieved when you open your heart. 

Claire, 38

I attended a meditation programme with Octavia. This was my first group meditation experience! And I’m so grateful to have had it in an environment that was safe, peaceful and accepting. Even entering into the space Octavia created was relaxing. It made me realise how much love we have within us. And most importantly, I realised how easy to actually send love to other people by connecting to our hearts and exploring the love we have within. I really appreciate Octavia for creating this experience for us!


​Hazal, 26