Listening to My Higher Voice

Having spent the festive period with my family who I am so grateful and blessed to have, I now feel the time to withdraw and recharge with some alone time.

The christmas season can be challenging for some families as different people, different souls on potentially very different paths are coerced to come together to be in eachothers company.

I am so grateful for the support and care of my family, I truly am.

I feel this year I have expanded so much in consciousness, in light, in understanding, but amazingly when put back into childhood environments I feel the pull of old energetic chords where I start to lose my new learnings and what I believe in.

This christmas was a reminder for me to see how we can be so attached to our stories, ourSELVES, our perception of our lives. Which, may be a creator of toxicity and negative energy as we attach to our stories and self-concepts. Attachment is suffering, so attaching strongly to something positive or negative only leads to adversity when you lose it or indulge in it.

As I lay awake in bed for a few hours, this time allows me to realise the journey of shedding I still have ahead. To shed my shadows, to shed judgment of myself and others, to start to release lower vibrational energies from my energy field, to set myself free, and to remove myself from the ‘story’ that I/We have created for ourselves. To succumb to the higher consciousness of the planet, the Universe, the cosmos and see myself as merely a vessel inhabiting a planet for limited time, to hopefully leave it with a little more light than when I arrived.

Of course I still get fearful to share my message and my heart, it is not a message that resonates for everyone as we are all different souls on potentially very different paths. Although, I feel the more you share your heart the right people will recognise you as someone they wish to walk alongside.

Share your heart.