Sound and Music Healing

For the best part of a month I have spent my time in Sweden learning and experiencing the power of sound for healing and transformation. To write down my experience has been challenging as this experience has been so much more than words can ever reveal but I will do my best to try. ✧ To be held in a container with 30 people for 3 weeks hundreds of miles from anywhere without seeing the outside world definitely had its triggers, mirrors and challenges but to be seen and witnessed in full vulnerability with nowhere to escape was the most invigorating and magical experience. ✧ To be contained with 30 other people only wishing to work through their shadows and become more loving and light versions of themselves was the most refreshing space to witness. ✧ I really saw a glimpse into humanity as we could be, a world where judgement ceases to exist and we see each other for who we truly are - Divine sparks of life - where we love others as we love ourselves, and we know that judging others is only hurting ourselves. ✧ I can put everything into saying that sound is the biggest healer of all! The vibration of sound bypasses the mind and emits the perfect frequencies required to heal the cells in our body and the surrounding waters and lands. “The future of medicine will be music and sound” - Edgar Cayce. ✧ To be able to experience and now facilitate deep sound journeying as well as learn new instruments and sing in my nonperfection has made me sure that I want to bring these golden nuggets back home to share with others. ✧ I feel such immense love and gratitude to be able to have shared this experience with such light souls singing, playing, laughing and crying. I don’t think there was one emotion not felt, and to be given the permission to feel all of those emotions without judgement is exactly what we need to heal. Give yourself permission to feel all of your emotional wounds, honour them, see them as they are and then begin to send love and compassion towards them. It is only when you crack open can the light can begin to flood in. ✧ Your heart is your wisest guidance, trust that you have this connection to higher realms, and will always have access to love and guidance (even through the wounds). You are Divine, everyone and everything is Divine. Sending all of my love to the world today and everyday. I love you.