5 Self care rituals to return you back to yourself

Over the last week my mind has been in complete overdrive, thinking up so many ways of how I wish to take my business. My mind weaving through various fears + feelings that have presented themselves. A big one that showed itself to me was the feeling of not being enough as I am, the need to feel overqualified in order to make a start in helping others.

It took a while for it to bring its attention to me but now I know this is the belief that is underlying I can now take a step back and see I am enough as I am. I ignored my inner feelings + continued in doing mode and getting myself in a head spin. I lost touch with my inner world and low behold I am now ill, snotty and burnt out.

My body is telling me to stop and surrender, and although being ill is super unpleasant, it has given me some relief that my body has made me pause and surrender. When your inner state of being is not at ease, your body develops into a state of dis-ease.

Out of curiosity I looked in Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your life’ where she lists the spiritual cause of illness + physical ailments. Colds are caused by “too much going on at once. Mental confusion, disorder, small hurts”. To heal this state you must work with “I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and around me”. This was completely accurate for me.

When a person is in a state of disharmony within their mind this will ultimately have its effect on the body. Research has shown that when a person is experiencing negative emotions such as shame or guilt then this has a direct influence on the cells of the human body. Negative thoughts send a negative signal to the body which in turn has negative effect on cells, and vice versa a person experiencing positive emotions such as love, peace + joy, which emit a high frequency which improves the development of healthy cells.

Even when I am ill and my body wills me to surrender, I still have some guilt that I am being ‘lazy’ and have to get up and work. A habit that was ingrained from a very early age with little time to nurture my inner world + femininity. I actually used to feel a lot of shame around showing my emotions + my feminine side. It was so blocked out for so long, I now know the importance of attending to your inner world as it is always filtering itself out into your outer world. I have just bought a book called the Surrender Experiment which was advised to me by my soul sister Karin, as soon as she shared it with me I just knew I had to read it.

It is so important to involve self care into your daily rituals. Here are 5 self care rituals that help me return back to myself:

1) Self Compassion

This one is so important. For so long self compassion were just words, they didn’t actually mean anything to me until the last few months where I really started embodying it. I lie one hand on my chest and the other hand on my belly and I say to myself, it is okay you are completely held and okay to feel these feelings. As if I was a mother talking to her child. I give myself the space, time and compassion to feel all of these emotions.

2) Listening to yourself

I really tap into what my soul is saying. To do this, I close my eyes, put my hand on my heart and listen to the guidance or message that comes up so I can attend to my needs. Tuning into your needs are of paramount importance.

3) Writing

Journal down your thoughts, fears and anxieties so you are getting it out of your energy field and back out into the ether. This is a great way to gain insights into how you are feeling and things start to make sense as you keep peeling back the layers through writing. I also write down my intentions depending on how I am feeling. This could be anything from wanting to let go of something, an emotion, a fear, to calling in something different and manifesting my desires. This works really well if you attune yourself to the energy of the moon. As the moon influences all the water on the planet, including women’s menstruation + the water in your body, the energy of the mean is great to work with the intentions you wish to manifest.

4) Alone time

This is such an important one in a world full of distractions, to retreat back to yourself with no phone or technology to distract you. Check in with yourself around your attachment to your phone and social media, is there anything you can do that will help you to reduce your attachments? Honour your true needs of the soul that lives inside of you. I often pull out a card from my oracle cards or angel cards which gives wonderful daily guidance that can help you work with the energy you have been shown. I also burn sage, a process called smudging that you can use to clear your energy field. Sage is known to purify the air and toxins around you, if your energy field is clear you stand more of a change of healthy physical body.

5) Bath

Use lavender, sea salt or himalayan salt + baking soda to create your own detox bath. This is such a healing tool to cleanse the body + auric field of negative energies.

These are just a few self care rituals you can use to take care of yourself. Self care is the most important thing you could ever do, more than anything else that may seem more important. If you aren’t whole, how can you attract wholeness?, if you aren't whole how can you care for + support those around you?