Emotional Numbness

E M O T I O N A L N U M B N E S S ∘ So many of us are walking around with emotional numbness. Going through the motions each day numb to our emotions but functioning perfectly fine. ∘ Numbness for me is one of the worst things to feel as you know then you are living a mediocre life. Over the past few weeks I had felt numb and desensitised to my emotions but I felt absolutely fine, I was functioning well and pretty content. But having felt the highs and lows in life I couldn’t help but feel this way was more exciting. ∘ And whilst being careful what I wish for, feeling the lows in life and allowing yourself to feel the pain instead of numbing it is our leverage for growth and acceleration into the person we want to be. ∘ Don’t just continue the emotional numbness that the world has taught us. Do things that will get you into your highest state of being, your highest vibration. ∘ Things to do - be inspired, go to events that you wouldn’t normally go to, be around people that inspire you and lift you up. Sit with yourself and feel what is going on inside of you with no distractions, just be the witness and don’t be afraid to feel it. I know this for certain, when you allow yourself to feel something you allow yourself to heal it. ∘ GET INTO YOUR PASSION AND FEEL INSPIRED 💫