My Fears, My Judgements + My Return back to Love

So often I realise that the fears that hold me back don’t even come from me, I realise the voice of my fears can so often be from parents, siblings or the conditioning from society that has created this voice, the voice of self judgement and the judgement of others... And by feeling these fears I am certain I have some point passed my fears onto others too. In one sense I am grateful to experience these fears as it has given me the awareness as well as the reminder to return back to love when I am feeling fearful.

There are so many fears in our lives that keep us thinking we are separate from each other instead of one of the same. The biggest destructor of all… that separates us most is Judgement.

And of course some judgment is imperative for being human and making decisions, however I am talking about the kind of judgment that is ugly and formed purely from a person’s pains, projections and insecurities.

This kind of judgement is toxic for ourselves and the world. When we perpetuate judgement on others we are having to embody the negative feelings of judgement so we are actually damaging our own bodies. By judging others we are hurting ourselves. I feel it in myself as a default setting that naturally judges but I am aware that its basis lies within our hypercritical world based on fear.

When I feel self judgment or judgement towards others

I pause to acknowledge it and know that in this moment

I can return back to love

Knowing that we are all, One Spark of the Same Source.


I help people return back to their inner peace, bliss and source of Unconditional love. I guide people using breathwork and to release emotional pain so that you can return to living the life they want.

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