Healthy Family Relationships ~ Family Wounds

I spent the last 3 weeks in Australia with my family visiting one of my brothers who lives there. Initially I felt like 3 weeks might be challenging as spending that amount of time without any alone time can be.

Having returned I feel so grateful for our time together and how far we have all come as a family. As our close family relationships are the deepest and often the most triggering it can be difficult to stay connected to yourself in that time. This family holiday was truly a delight. Although we are not always on the same page, or share the same values or beliefs, this holiday proved to me the huge amount of respect we have for each other's boundaries, beliefs and different paths.

I don’t think I would have previously been able to still stay centred and at peace whilst having barely any alone time, but this time I did. It was an absolute pleasure! I believe for as long as we have family and sometimes beyond the death of our family members we will always be affected by our family’s beliefs and opinions. However what we can master is our reaction and peace to those opinions and understand that our paths may be different, and that is ok.

If you still have trouble getting triggered by your family I would suggest three things, 1) stay true to yourself and be honest in what you believe in, 2) Respond to situations or people that trigger you from a place of love, you can always choose your reaction and response. 3) Set your boundaries with your family so they know when not to cross the line.

I am not saying now that I will only have “perfect” family relationships, I am only human and know that I have to continue to work on my reactions, responses and boundaries so I don’t hurt others and so others don’t hurt me. However what has been made clear to me is that when your energy or state of being changes, the state of being and energy of your family changes too. I am grateful for this lesson that my beautiful family have shown me! I love you